Chicano Network information

 If you read blogs, then you have probably heard of them, the Chicano network. In 1970, the United States has lesser than one million Mexicans around and most of them in California and Texas. With so many Mexicans settling in the US, it became easier for more Mexicans   to follow.

The Chicano network deals with people who are born in America but with Mexican heritage. The social network could recruit half a million immigrants every year in order for them to make a good living. Some migrate with the intent to stay but majority only commits to a short season with the intention of making money they could send home.

With a Chicano network, for it to be efficient, it does not solely rely on technology but on cultural predisposition as well. They have a strong bonding culture. The network provides a quick look at the deep roots that the Mexican community has in the United States. Moreover, it also provides some historic reasons for this. There are thousands of Chicanos living in the United States these days. Their number is expected to rise as more and more Mexicans are finding their ways to America with the intent of living a better life.