Mexican Television Networks

 Introduced in the year 1950, TV reached around 70 percent of the Mexican population in the early 90s. In the year 1995, there were 326 Mexican television networks, which is almost 25 percent of all TV stations found in Latin America. Most of them were affiliated and owned by the Mexican Telesystem or popularly known as Televisa.

Televisa was reported as the biggest Mexican television network in the early 1990s. It paved the way for the international success of TV programs like ‘Marimar’, ‘El Cuerpo del Deseo’ and many more. Mexican telenovelas became smash hits overnight. Televisa operate three commercial networks in Mexico and also four stations in the US. Its flagship news program is ’24 Horas’ which is the most important news source for a lot of Mexicans.

A state-run Imevision has two national TV networks and regional and specialized channels as well. Moreover, the government also operates Mexican Republic Television which broadcasts educational, cultural and news programs to rural areas. There are also around twenty independent stations. In the year 1993, the Mexican government granted licenses to sixty-two new local TV stations, which increases the total number of stations of Televisa from 229 to 291. These new stations are concentrated in the northern part of Mexico.